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For many disadvantaged, working and lower income families, homeownership is out of reach.


The benefit of affordable housing is in its ability to enable families to have the opportunity to live in communities close to work, education, and affordable transportation, while making provision for those most at-risk in our society. Is it any wonder then; that the question of an affordable housing provision exists as one of our greatest challenges to our ongoing socioeconomic stability?


Affordable Housing News (AHN) is a key player in the delivery of information for this vitally important industry sector covering the provision and implementation of affordable housing options across the United States of America.


We strive to serve as a vital resource tool in spreading news of current developments and good works undertaken in this sector. For both investors and operators, we educate, inform and provide guidelines about strategy and regulation in the affordable housing industry.


Our readers include the industry’s most well-known managers, owners, contractors, lenders and industry stakeholders. Through in-depth interviews, case studies and strategic leadership spotlights, AHN recognizes those who epitomize the best in affordable housing.





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Editorial Calendar

Q1 – Spring 2022 Q2 – Summer 2022
Sales Deadline: 03/11/2022 06/10/2022
Copy Deadline: 03/18/2022 06/17/2022
Cover/Theme: Leading General Contractors Leading Lenders
Development Trends: Passive House Impact Investing
Special Feature: Non-Profit Thought Leaders High Finance has the Answer
Green Building: How to Retrofit Green The Cost of Green
Strategy & Operations Property Management Incorporating Social-Service Mission
Q3 – Fall 2022 Q4 – Winter 2022
Sales Deadline: 09/02/2022 11/18/2022
Copy Deadline: 09/09/2022 11/25/2022
Cover/Theme: Leading Housing Authorities Power Women of Affordable Housing
Development Trends: Embracing Workforce Housing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Special Feature: Next Level Leader Spotlights MBE Firms
Green Building: Does Certification Benefit Construction Preservation Leaders
Strategy & Operations: Third-Party Partnerships Improved Operations and Maintenance

* Note: Sales and Copy deadlines for each issue are subject to change without notification.



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Featured Articles
“We at Ageia cannot thank you enough (your team, AHN, and Avenir Publishing) for allowing our company to be a part of this publication. We truly appreciate the opportunity to have this article available to your national audience of readers, and we will spread the good word about AHN ...
Kent Ervin, Director of Digital Media AGEIA Health Services
“I think the article looks beautiful! We appreciate so much the feature on our work.”
Monica C. McCullough, Senior Vice President of HousingPathStone
“This is a very well-done and complimentary article.  And it is one of the first times that I can remember where a reporter quoted exactly what was said. I applaud your creative design, layout and excellent skill-sets. On behalf of Christian Care, thank you for the wonderful publicity.”
John S. Norris, CEOChristian Care Companies
“We received the magazine yesterday and the article looks wonderful! Your design team did an excellent job with the layout and the font selection throughout your publication is very clean and easy to read. I especially like the consistency and the “branding” your team created with each HFA name.”
Tara K. Greiner, Communications ManagerWyoming Community Development Authority
“I’d like to convey our deep appreciation for publishing such a terrific article on our Boston Road project. Your piece was succinct and highlighted the important features of this newest Common Ground development (and what we try to accomplish with our program at large). We were glad to learn your ...
Jeff Scheuer, Director, External AffairsCommon Ground
“I am glad you were able to create such a positive article. I read the article and it is wonderful. Your staff is a pleasure and I would not change a thing. We would love to work with you again. Thanks again!!”
Larry Regan, PresidentRegan Development Corporation
“The article is great and the process was easy. Thank you for featuring us- we are so happy!”
Krista Gaeta, Deputy Director Tenderloin Housing Clinic
“First I want to thank you and your team again for including us in your winter issue. I have to say I got distracted from reading our piece while reading all of the amazing work that housing community is doing Nationwide. That said the staff and our directors have all ...
Stephanie J. Simeon, Executive DirectorHeart of the City Neighborhoods, Inc.
“We just received the issue today! It is amazing! You did such a beautiful job! This is memorable!! Thank you!”
Rella Fogliano, CEOThe MacQuesten Companies
“I LOVED the article! Thank you so much for featuring us.”
Anthony Goodson, Jr., Chief Executive OfficerHousing Authority of the City of Goldsboro

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