Artwork Submission

  • High-quality photos (original, unaltered shots taken at least 4 x 6 inches, 300 dpi)
  • TIFF, JPEG, GIF and/or Photoshop EPS files at 300DPI and in CMYK format
  • Photos relevant to your company (products, headshots, action shots, office shots, inventory, etc)
  • A mix of horizontal and vertical shots
  • Your company logo


  • Microsoft PowerPoint or Word documents with images imported into the file
  • Photos that have been digitally enlarged (photos can always be sized down and keep their quality… but the larger an images is blown up from its original size, the worse the quality becomes)
  • Photos pulled from a web site (unless they meet the above size requirements)
  • Your editorial coordinator will send you the username and password to their respective  Dropbox Account
  • Create a folder named with your company name
  • Upload image files into your folder
  • Be sure to include a Text document in the folder as well indicating the following:
    • Contact information in case we need to reach out if there are any issues
    • Captions for each image (if appropriate)
    • Any photo credits that should be attributes
  • Send your point of contact through a quick email to let them know that your images have been uploaded
  • ALTERNATIVE OPTION: ZIP your photos up and send via WeTransfer to